Writer and Author Spreadsheets

Providing Custom Methods of Tracking Ideas-Facts

From the fanciful, artistic, creative minds who write, come a plethora of ideas. Some of these ideas are played with in the mist of the mind. Carefully being spun between the author’s lobes, before being dismissed, or turning into more thoughts.

It is the Way of the Writer.

Some of these ideas, however, are lassoed. Caught. Brought into the daylight on a page ready for them. Beautiful ideas, no longer just ideas, but now are idea-facts.

That’s when they begin to grow and multiply. Sometimes gaining exponentially quite the crew of siblings.

It is then the author sometimes realizes, she is outnumbered.

Writer and Author Spreadsheets

Below Are Some of Our Offerings:

Not seeing what you need? Let us affordably build a spreadsheet just for you.

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“I. was. lost. As a writer with hundreds of characters and stories taking place throughout these charas’ lives, I couldn’t track who was how old when! Finally, Tairiseach to the rescue: they built a spreadsheet that no only tracks, but gives me space to make notes to my heart’s content. Anyone who is pulling their hair out over story or writing details just needs Tairiseach. They listen well and get down to exactly what’s going to save your writer life, and they act like all that math is fun. I trust them completely with all of my writer secrets. You can too.”

—From Our Favorite (Secret) Writer Client

— Anna Wong, Volunteer


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